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Saturday, April 28, 2012


Here’s an idea that is a perfect application from Zull (Repeat!  Repeat!  Repeat!) and Biffle (Mirror!).

On a small box write “Voice Box.”  On index cards write some of the different “voices” below. When you want to reread stories, say the alphabet, read the word wall, count to 100, and practice other skills, let children reach in the “voice box” and choose a voice.
Here are some different voices you could include:

Three Bears – Read papa bear style (with a deep voice), mama bear style (with a prissy voice), and baby bear style ( with a wee voice).  You can even do granny bear where you pull in your lips like you are toothless.

Emotions – Read text with different emotions, such as happy, sad, angry, sleepy, etc.

Underwater – Put your index finger between your lips and vibrate as you read.

With a Cold – Children hold their nose and read as if they have a stuffed nose.

Martian – Make antennae with index fingers over your head. “Beep” for the syllables in the words.

Rainbow – Open hands and place on the left side of your body.  Swing up and across the body in an arc as you read each line.

Charlie Brown’s Teacher - Children mouth words as they go, “Wa-wa-wa.”

Lip Sinc - Mouth the words.

Pirate         - Read out of the side of your mouth.  Grrr, matie!

Mouse – Read with a high, squeaky voice.

Monster – Read with a deep, gruff voice.

Turtle – Read very, very slowly.

Robot – Extend arms and move them like a robot as you read like a robot.

Cartoon Characters -  Read like “Fred Flintstone” (bounce up and down),
Scooby Doo (Ruff!  Ruff!), Mickey and Minnie and other characters children suggest.

Attitude – Hands on hips and roll eyes.

Opera – Stretch out arms and sing dramatically like an opera singer.

Animals – Speak with animal voices such as cats, dogs, horses, sheep, etc.

Hint!  When counting to 100 choose a different voice for each set of ten.

Note:  You can download these fluency cards on my website: