Monday, May 7, 2012


These ideas are a little easier than the Class Yearbook I shared yesterday!
Memory Book – Run off copies of a memory book for each child to color and fill in the missing information.  Here are some suggestions:
1st page – “My Memory Book” with teacher’s name, school, year.
2nd page – “This is me.”  (Child draws self –portrait.)
3rd page – “This is my teacher.”  (Child draws teacher’s picture.)
4th page – “Here are my friends.”  (Child draws friends.)
5th page – “My favorite thing at school is...”  (Draws favorite activities.)
6th page – “Something I’ve learned this year…”  (Draws accomplishment.)
7th page – “When I grow up I want to be…”  (Draws future self.)
8th page – “This is my handprint.”  (Trace around child’s hand.)
You could also have children draw their favorite sport, color, book, song, food, etc.

Autograph Book – Cut paper in fourths.  (I like to use colored paper.)  Have children count out 10 pieces.  Hole punch and tie with a ribbon.  Children walk around the room and get their friends’ autographs.