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Sunday, May 13, 2012


You know, it’s amazing how SMART my mother was!  And, she never went to college.  What my mother had was a rare thing these days called COMMON SENSE.  When I was growing up there were no kits or programs to teach babies to read…no computers…no reading research.  My mother did what parents have done naturally and well for hundreds of years.  She talked to me, sang to me, read to me, and gave me lots of time to PLAY.  She sewed new dresses for my birthday and always made me proud by making cupcakes for school parties.  She supported me without hovering and loved me unconditionally.

I wish I had told my mother more often how wonderful she was. 
I wish I had showed my love to her and embraced her as she grew older. 

If I love a child…if I make a child smile…if I give a child a song to sing…if I comfort a child…if I give a child a special memory…if I give a child a dream and hope…it’s because of my mother!
It’s what she gave me and I am trying to pass it on!!!  Happy Mother's Day!