Tuesday, October 16, 2012


W.K.3.  Use a combination of drawing, dictating, and writing to narrate a single event or several loosely linked events, tell about the events in the order in which they occurred, and provide a reaction to what happened.

Cartoon Frames – Give children cartoon frames in which they can draw events.  Start with two frames so they can do the beginning and end.  Next, give them three frames to draw the beginning, middle, and end.  Finally, provide four frames so they can draw first, next, then, last.
*Demonstrate how to add dialog bubbles.
Time Line – Give children adding machine tape or strips of paper cut 4” x 18” on which to draw a time line.  They could do a time line of their day at school or make a time line of events in a story.

My Life Brochure – Fold a sheet of paper in thirds to make a brochure.  In the first section, ask them to draw what they were like as a baby.  In the middle section, they can draw what they look like now.  In the last section, they should draw what they want to be when they grow up.

Listen, Predict, Draw – Give each child a blank book and a pencil before you begin reading a story.  Read a few pages, close the book, and ask the children to predict what will happen next and draw a picture of it.  Continue reading as you stop and ask the children to draw what they predict will happen next.  Encourage the children to evaluate their predictions.