Wednesday, October 24, 2012


The “Eyes of Texas” were smiling on me last week in Austin and in Houston at the Montessori Conference.  Every time I meet a teacher I feel like I have a new BFF!  Meet Claudia Walker and Emily Jensen!

And I always am motivated by new ideas teachers share!

The Shoe Sheriff  (Karen Hansen & Karen Aikin)
When a child can tie shoes, she gets to wear a badge and is the “shoe sheriff” for the day.  The teacher no longer has to tie shoes because the other children know they have to get help from the “shoe sheriff.”
Word Tracker (Cindy Simmons)
Let children wrap sparkly pipe cleaners around their finger.  What is left over is the tracker.

Write My Name (Cherie Weiss)
The first thing I do
Is always the same.
I pick up my pencil
And I write my name.

N – A – M – E
That’s where your name is suppose to be!

Water Fountain Drinks (Tracsena Grant)
When students are drinking at the water fountain too long the student behind chants:
One, two, buckle my shoe.
Three, four, drink no more!

Story Telling Sticks   (Jennifer Ruiz)
Buy wooden character pieces (usually $1 or less at Hobby Lobby or Michael’s) and glue them to popsicle sticks.  Group these together by theme and let children use them to tell stories.

Thinking Cap (Claudia Walker)
My hands are in my lap.
My mouth is closed.
My eyes are open.
My ears are listening.
And my thinking cap is on!

Magic “E” Star (Karen Hansen and Karen Aikin)
Glue a yellow star with an “e” on it to a craft stick.  Children add the “e” to the end of CVC words and sound out the new word.