Sunday, October 21, 2012


Research to Build and Present Knowledge

W.K.7.  Participate in shared research and writing projects.

Where in the World?  - Tell students that you have a magic carpet that will take them any place in the world they want to go.  Make a list of their wishes and then visit those locations on the internet.

Note Taking – Stack 4-6 sheets of paper on top of each other.  Staple in all four corners.  Cut down the middle horizontally and vertically to make 4 little notepads that students can use to “take notes” when you read or discuss a new topic.

Book Buddies – Have an older class “adopt” your class.  Once a month get together and read books, write stories, etc.  The older students could make books for the younger students.  Both groups could “practice” reading books and then share them with each other.

What Can You Find Out?  Select a wide range of books on a topic of interest or a theme you are exploring.  Put the books on a table along with paper and pencils.  Challenge the children to look through the books and see what they can find out.  They can draw pictures or write words about what they learn.

Graphic Organizers – Attribute webs, Venn diagrams, tic-tac-toe frames, and other visuals can be used to brainstorm and explore new topics.

W.K.8.  With guidance and support from adults, recall information from experiences or gather information from provided sources to answer a question.

Brainstorm – Have children brainstorm what they can do when they want to learn something. 
*Provide children with several different sources on a topic.  Compare and contrast what they learn.

Model – Model how to use a dictionary, thesaurus, etc. 

Where Do You Go When You Need to Know?  Here’s a song you can sing to the tune of “Red River Valley.”
If you need to find out how to spell a word
Here’s what you can do:
You can look it up in a dictionary
And you’ll find its meaning there, too.
If you want to find a brand new word
With the same meaning as the word you have
You can look it up in a thesaurus
A thesaurus lists all the synonyms.
If you need to find out more about a topic
There’s another place you can turn:
You can look it up in an encyclopedia
Where there’re lots of facts for you to learn.
There are other places you can go
When there’s something you don’t know yet.
You can ask a friend or a teacher
Or look it up on the internet.
And soon you’ll know so much – it’s true—
That all your friends will come and ask you!

Clipboard Interviews – Make clipboards from recycled cardboard and butterfly clips.  Let children use clipboards to interview parents, classmates, etc.
*Use clipboards on field trips or when you have guest speakers.
Guest Speakers – Do you have parents, grandparents, or other people in your community who could come talk to your class about their career, travels, hobbies, or life experiences?