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Wednesday, December 17, 2014


I feel like I've been neglecting math lately, so here are some simple math games to play today.

Mingle Jingle
Children tiptoe quietly around the room as they whisper, "Jingle, jingle."  When the teacher calls out a number, they must form groups with that amount.  Those students who are leftover can do a jumping jack or other silly movement.  Continue having the children mingle and jingle and form different sets.

Magic Number 
Children stand in a circle and begin counting off.  When you get to 25 (Christmas Day) that child must sit down.  Continue counting until one child is left.

And here are some ideas to recycle all those advertisements that you've been getting in the mail.  

Materials:  advertisements from toy stores, grocery stores, or discount stores, paper, pencils, scissors, glue
Write questions similar to those below on a chart.  Children fold a sheet of paper into fourths and then write a number in each section.  Then they look through the advertisements and cut out an object that answers each question.

1. What costs less than $10.00?
2. What costs more than $100.00?
3. If you had $20 what would you buy for your family?
4. What would you like to buy for yourself?  How much does it cost?

Turn the paper over and draw a T-chart.  On one side write "wants" and on the other side write "needs."  Children cut out pictures (or write words) for things they actually need and things they'd like to have.
Seasonal Shapes
Take a walk around the school and look for different shapes in seasonal objects.  Can they find a circle?  Triangle?  Rectangle?  Square?  Sphere?  Cone?  Cube?
*Let them make a shape collage by cutting objects out of advertisements and catalogs.