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Friday, December 12, 2014


I won’t grow up! I won’t grow up!!! I’m the only old lady at our fitness with bells on her shoes this month. When I hear those bells it reminds me of all the precious moments I had teaching children. I miss the children – especially this time of year. (By the way, sooner or later you will all develop “selective nostalgia.” That means you only remember the good times and forget the noise – the pushing and shoving – the pouting - the complaining parents!) 

I used to tie a jingle bell on my children’s shoes (that was before Velcro) and it was amazing how I could remind I didn’t want to hear any bells and they would look at their shoes and “freeze.”

There’s just too much going on right now to give you another tip for reinforcing standards, so I’ll just share a few “old” rhymes today. (Note, I’ve included suggestions to make them more politically correct!)

Five Little Bells

Five little bells ring with a chine (Hold up five fingers.)
To tell of happy Christmas/holiday time.
Four little bells ring sweet and clear (Four fingers.)
To tell that Christmas/holiday time is here.
Three little bells ring soft and low (Three fingers.)
To tell of stockings/candles in a row.
Two little bells ring merrily (Two fingers.)
To tell of toys for you and me.
One little bell rings silver bright (One finger.)
To welcome Santa Christmas night.
(Or, Because we are so happy tonight.)

Pass out five bells for children to stand up and ring. One child at a time sits quietly down as you say the rhyme. 

String five jingle bells on a pipe cleaner to make a bracelet. Children can touch and count the bells as you say the rhyme, and they’ll have a jolly “holly” day bracelet to wear.


I know many of you do a unit with the “Gingerbread Man” so here’s a finger play you can adapt to cookies, candy canes, or other holiday symbols.

Down around the corner at the bakery shop (Hold up 5 fingers.)
Five gingerbread men/boys with icing on top. (Touch head.)
Along came (child’s name) with a quarter to pay. (Hold up palm.)
He/she bought a cookie and took it away. (Pretend to grab a cookie and put it behind your back.)

*Make gingerbread boys out of paper and tape to craft sticks to make puppets to use as you say the rhyme.You can also make gingerbread men out of felt and use on a flannel board.

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