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Thursday, December 4, 2014


It’s important to be sensitive to different beliefs children may have this time of year.  Gifts don’t have to be for Christmas or Hanukkah ~ you can give someone a gift anytime just because you care about them! 

Hint!  Make sure that children DO these projects themselves!  They need to reflect the children’s individuality and efforts. 


Materials: juice or vegetable can, glue, pasta, spray paint
Directions: Remove the label from the can.  Let children glue pasta (bow ties, spirals, macaroni, etc.) around the can.  Spray paint gold or silver.
Adaptation:  Children can also cover a can with construction paper.  Next, let them create a collage on the can with pictures and words cut from magazines.


Materials: wood scraps (4” x 10”), nails, markers, picture hangers
Directions: Let children decorate the wood with markers.  Next, let them hammer 4 nails spaced evenly apart.  Attach a hanger to the back.
Adaptation:  Children could also paint wood scraps.


This is similar to the key rack except children attach plastic hooks to hold scarves, belts, or ties.


Materials: paper, markers, pens, construction paper, ribbon
Directions: Each child will need 3 sheets of paper.  Cut the paper into fourths to make 12 pages.  On each page, children write (or dictate) a different job they could do for their parents, such as set the table, give a back rub, clean their room, etc.  Make a cover from construction paper.  Hole punch in the upper left hand corner and tie with a ribbon.


Materials: rocks or stones (about the size of a fist), markers, felt, wiggly eyes, 
                         yarn, glue
Directions: Go on a rock hunt and let each child find a special rock.  Have children wash their rocks and set them aside to dry.  Decorate the rocks with wiggly eyes, markers, yarn hair, etc.  Add a piece of felt to the bottom to make a paper weight.
Adaptation:         Let children name their rocks and write stories about how to care for them.


Materials:  paper towel rolls, stickers, yarn, lace, fabric, buttons
Directions:  Cut the cardboard roll into 1 ½” sections.  Decorate with stickers, yarn, fabric, lace, etc. 
Adaptation:  Insert holiday napkins.