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Saturday, December 13, 2014


Yesterday’s the past.
Tomorrow is the future.
But today is a gift.
That’s why it’s called THE PRESENT!

One of my best presents was getting to sing at some of the schools in Charleston this week.  (Mary Ford Elementary, Chicora, Belle Hall, and Owens Christian Academy)  There isn't anything sweeter than watching their little faces light up!  (As one teacher reminded me when I told her how precious her students were:  "Dr. Jean, you were here 40 minutes.  Stay six hours and see how you feel!")

I was listening to the lyrics of a Christmas song on the radio and it squeezed my heart:
“Toyland, Toyland, dear little girl and boy land. Once you leave Toyland, you can never return again…”

It reminded me of the magic of working with young children. They are so full of hopes and dreams and nothing is impossible. The song was also a reminder that children only have once to be four, five, or six.  Our "present" is being a part of their lives every day!

This is a nostalgic time of year when we remember special vignettes from our own childhoods.  A great homework activity might be to have the children “interview” their parents and grandparents about their Christmas/Hanukkah/holiday memories. What was their favorite toy? Do they remember any songs they sang? What was their favorite treat to eat? Wouldn’t it be fun to get their parents to draw pictures and write stories that you could turn into a class book?

You won't believe this, but when I was little I was allowed to ask for ONE thing for Christmas. And I only got ONE thing. And I was happy! We would tack one of my dad’s socks near the door and in the morning it would hold an orange, some nuts, and a candy cane.  Times change, but the JOY and LOVE are the same!