Thursday, January 29, 2015


I was excited when Sarah Antos asked if she could use my song to create a word wall and book for her students.  And I was thrilled when she said you could download it FREE!

A big thanks to Dr. Jean for her classic “Alphardy” song, a favorite of special needs students with whom I have worked. “Alphardy” is a great way for special needs students to learn letter sounds and the verbs make it so easy to add hand signals. The “Alphardy” inspired book I created (see picture below) can be used with the song as a warm up during literacy time while students sing along and demonstrate letter sound hand signals. 

I put the visuals into a word wall format as well and each letter can be added to the word wall as encountered in the literacy curriculum. The initial letters on the word wall visuals are detachable for segmenting and blending. 

To see a sample of how to set up the word wall, check out my site.

Thanks Dr. Jean,

Sarah Antos
Creator of E-learning Materials for Students with Special Needs