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Saturday, January 17, 2015


Wouldn't "Puzzle Day" be a great way to end your week?

Puzzle Day

Invite children to bring puzzles from home on Friday. During the last 30 minutes of the day have a puzzle party where they can do puzzles with their friends.

Sentence Puzzles

Model writing a sentence on a sentence strip. Cut between the words and then put the pieces in a lunch sack. Shake! Who can put the words in the correct order and read the sentence?
  • Let children make their own sentence puzzles and share with friends. 

Game Puzzles 

Cut out familiar shapes or seasonal objects from poster board.  Write matching information on either side and then cut a puzzle design in between.  Mix up the pieces.  The children  will be able to self check by putting the pieces together. 

  • You can use rhyming pictures, uppercase and lowercase letters, sets and numerals, compounds, antonyms, math facts and name it!

Match Ups 

You will need a puzzle with a cardboard frame for this activity.  Dump out the pieces.  Write a math fact on the frame and the answer on the puzzle piece that goes there.  As children answer the math problems they will complete the puzzle.
  • Adapt for letters, antonyms, etc.