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Saturday, January 31, 2015


If you want to hear a story, 

This is what to do. 

I've got some for you!

Yay, it's Super Bowl Weekend, but it's also Super Story weekend on my website I've put together some of my favorite stories I've collected over the past 40+ years, and I've got two free song downloads for you ("Bingo" and "Three Little Kittens"). I've got flannel board stories, file folder stories, tell and draw stories, and participation stories. These stories are perfect if you've got a few extra minutes, and you can tell them over and over again.  (The picture above was taken in Kalina's class yesterday and the kids wanted to hear "scat the Cat" over and over.)

I'm afraid the "big screen" has taken away from a lot of the storytelling we did at one time, but you might be surprised by the "magic moments" that will happen when you sit down on the floor and try out one of these stories.  One of the standards that challenges children is retelling a story.  When you model telling stories and repeat them multiple times you are giving your students the tools to do the same thing.

Now, to tell a story, you first have to capture children's attention.  Try one of these finger plays and let the story begin!

If you want to hear a story, (Snap fingers to the beat.)
This is what to do. 
Sit down quietly 
And I’ll tell one to you!
That’s right, that’s right, (Point to children sitting quietly.)
That’s right, that’s right!

Two little hands go clap, clap, clap. (Clap hands 3 times.)
Two little fingers go snap, snap, snap. (Snap fingers 3 times.)
Two little eyes go blink, blink, blink. (Blink eyes.)
If you want to hear a story go wink, wink, wink. (Wink eyes.)
(Lower your voice as you say each line.)

Hands up high. (Hands in the air.)
Hands down low. (Hands down.)
Hide those hands, now. (Hands behind your back.)
Where did they go? (Shrug shoulders.)
One hand up. (Right hand up.)
The other hand, too. (Left hand up.)
Clap them, (Clap.)
Fold them, (Fold in lap.)
Here’s a story for you!

I hope you'll hear those sweet words, "Do it again!" when you tell a story this week!