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Monday, January 12, 2015


Need a new idea to start your day this week? Bet you’ll find one that’s just right for your class.

Hand Hug

Children stand in a circle holding hands. The teacher looks at the child on her right and squeezes their hand. That child looks at the friend on her right, squeezes their hand and sits down. The second child looks at the friend on their right squeezes their hand, and sits down….Continue passing the hand hug until everyone is sitting quietly.

Pep Talk (Christen Hulgan, Memphis)

During morning meeting the class forms a friendship circle. The teacher asks one child each day to stand in the middle. Then the teacher says, “Child’s name, there are many things I love about you.” The teacher makes 3 or 4 positive comments about that child. The teacher squeezes the child’s hand on her right. That child says, “I love (whatever they love about that person or something that person has done that was kind).” The child in middle must look them in the eyes and say, “Thank you.” When you have finished going around the circle the teacher says:
         Give child’s name a clap.
         Blow child’s name a kiss.
         We love you child’s name.

Important Person

The teacher holds one child at a time in her lap and sings this song to the tune of "Lassie and Laddie.
Child's name is important, important, important. Child's name is important, important to you and to me. At work and at play, Child's name, does his/her best each day. Child's name is important, important to you and to me.

Starting Line Up

Children form two lines facing each other. The teacher calls on one child at a time to come to the front. The teacher introduces the child by saying their name, age, and something special about them. That child walks through the center as friends give them a “high five.” Continue until all the children have had a turn.

Morning Mantra 

Teacher says: What is my job today?
Students respond: Your job is to teach us and to love us.
Teacher says: What is your job today?
Students respond: Our job is to learn and to love each other. 

And do you know what my job is?  My job is to share ideas with you and LOVE you!  Have a GREAT week!