Tuesday, March 17, 2015


Funny, but I bet some of you don't even know what a ditto is. A ditto is what we called worksheets before copy machines. They were purple and they smelled like rubbing alcohol. Anyway, years ago a supervisor said, "If a child can do a ditto, it's a waste of time. If a child can't do a ditto, it's a waste of time. Why do dittoes?" Times have changed, but the concept is the same. Worksheets hit at the middle of the classroom. Advanced students don't need to do them, and struggling students can't do them. So, what can you do instead of worksheets?

You can’t get any better than a BLANK sheet of paper! Give children a sheet of paper and challenge them to come up with their own learning activity.

Make a blank book. 

Use a visual graphic. 

Play a game. 

Create something – puppet, collage, painting, play dough! 

How about a computer search? 

Do a project with a partner. 


Write on with a poem, song, rap, or skit.

Use media, such as a camera, video recorder, etc.

Happy St. Patty's Day!  Keep looking for that pot of gold!