Monday, March 23, 2015


Chris Baker sent me a video that he created for "Pepperoni Pizza" and I thought it was AWESOME. Teachers like Chris inspire me with their technical creativity. I'll let Chris tell you a little more about it...

What kid does not love Pepperoni Pizza? Bring pizza and music together and
we have a party! Learning beginning sounds can be a challenge for some
children. Music tends to break the barriers; add some visual slides to the
music and they just seem to be mesmerized. When teaching young learners
the foundation skills of the English language, I find it's best to teach the
same skill as many different ways as possible, especially in the early
years until third grade. I sing, dance, and act goofy right along with
them. If they see me singing or reading and enjoying it, it makes them want
to do it that much more.

When I made my first slide show, I did it because I thought it would help
my children better understand word families (
being able to see the words with the music and then throw a picture in
there to give the word some meaning. I started out just clicking the slides
along with the music, but then I thought; can I make a movie with this? So,
I read up and learned about Windows Movie Maker and found that I could
export my PowerPoint slides as photos, and then upload them to Movie
Maker. Granted, it does take some time and patience to get the timing of
the slides just right to the music, but it was well worth it.

It’s been two years, and what seems like a lifetime ago, since I made that
first slide show. Lately, I have had some extra time and decided to give it
another go; Pepperoni Pizza ( came to life (I
think it came out better too.) I think this will let kids see that changing
just the first letter can create new words and sometimes nonsense words;
it's important to know the difference. By doing it I learned about words
that I did not even know before, like leat ( a millstream) and loo ( a
bathroom).  Who would have guessed these were not nonsense words? It goes
to show you, teaching is learning too. Thank you Dr. Jean. Your songs are
an inspiration.

Christopher N. Baker, MAT

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