Sunday, March 8, 2015


It’s not too late to start an alphabet journal that will be a special treasure for your students at the end of the school year. As you read books, study topics, take field trips, have special programs, learn songs, try to tie them in with different letters of the alphabet. The children can write the significant letter at the top of the page and illustrate it. Ask them to write (or dictate) about the event. Save and bind as an “end of year” memory!

Examples: A- apple tasting, art, ALEXANDER, author
               B- “Bear Hunt,” blocks, birthdays, books, bus
               C- computers, caterpillars, counting, cooking, CLIFFORD
               D- dinosaurs, dancing, drawing, “Days of the Week”
               E- easel, exercise, eating, exploring
               F- friends, fall, first day of school, “Five Little Monkeys”
               G- GINGERBREAD MAN, games, graphs, gym
               H- Hundred’s Day, Halloween, holidays, handprint
               I- ice and snow, insects, “Itsy Bitsy Spider,” “I can___”
               J - jack o’ lanterns, journals, jump rope
               K- KISSING HAND, kites, kindness, “Katalina”
               L- letters, library, “Lettercise,” lunch, LEO
               M-“Macarena Months,” music, math, magnets
               N- nests, nursery rhymes, name, numbers
               O- oceans, outside, “Over in the Meadow”
               P- pizza parlor, P.E., puzzles, painting, “Peanut Butter”
               Q- quiet time, quilts
               R- reading, rainy days, running, rabbits, “Rime Time”
               S- singing, spring, shapes, senses, science
               T- “Tooty Ta,” turkeys, teeth, tests, TACKY THE PENGUIN
               U- upside down, under, umbrellas (April showers)
               V- Valentine’s Day, VERY BUSY SPIDER
               W- word wall, writing, winter, “Wally Acha,” weather
               X- “X” marks the spot (treasure hunt), X with body
               Z- zoo field trip, zigzag art, “Z” end of the year 

*Use the name of the school, teacher’s name, etc.
     We’ve learned and played in many ways,
     But now the year must end.
     Save this book to recall special days,
     And all your kindergarten (first grade) friends! 

A kindergarten teacher gave me this idea years ago.  I wish I could remember her name to give her credit.

Note! You could also do a different art project for each letter of the alphabet. Check out my website for “Art from A – Z.”