Saturday, March 7, 2015


Standards may come and go, but singular and plural forms of nouns will always be in the curriculum. 

Singular and Plural
Write the name of common classroom objects on the board. Cover the end of a fly swatter with white paper. Write the letter “S” on the paper as shown. Children take turns adding the “s” to the end of the words and saying the plural. Can they use it in a sentence?

Cut paper the size of rectangular and square unit blocks. Write common nouns on the rectangles and tape to blocks. Write “s” on a square and tape to a square block. Children read nouns and then add the “s” block and read the plural. 

Unifix Cubes
Place sticky dots on cubes and write letters on them. Make a list of common nouns. Children make the words with the cubes and then add “s” at the end and read the word.

Singular and Plural (Tune: “This Old Man”)
            One is book, 2 are books.
            One is cook, more are cooks.
            Add an “s” to the end of a word
            Makes it plural, haven’t you heard?
            One is toy, two are toys.
            One is boy, more are boys.
            I’ll say a word, then you add an “s.”
            You make it plural - do your best!
            Car      Star
            Dog     Log
            Cat      Hat
            Ball     Wall
            Coat    Boat
*Let children suggest other words to sing in the song.

Make up inappropriate sentences and when the children hear you say something wrong they can say, “Opps!” Have them repeat the sentence correctly.
Teacher: “We have 12 boy here today.”
Children: “Oops! We have 12 boys here today.”