Thursday, April 2, 2015


The Planting Song
(Tune: “The Farmer in the Dell”
Let’s all plant some seeds, (Pretend to dig.)
Let’s all plant some seeds.
Hi, ho, it’s spring you know,
Let’s all plant some seeds.

The rain begins to fall… (Wiggle fingers down.)

The sun warms the earth…(Arms over head.)

The seeds begin to grow… (Pretend one arm is a plant.)

Growing, Growing! 

What does a seed need to grow? Brainstorm with the children and write their responses on the board. Take five cups and draw the following as shown:
soil, water, sun, air
soil, water, air
soil, water, sun
soil, sun, air
sun, air, water

Plant several bean seeds in each cup. Encourage the children to predict what will happen. Observe. Evaluate predictions after several weeks.

Seed Hunt
Brainstorm different seeds that come from foods we eat, such as apples, oranges, sunflowers, avocados, popcorn...  Challenge children to look in their kitchens at home and bring in seeds.  Plant the seeds in clear cups and label.  Place in a sunny window, water, and you might be surprised at what comes up!
*We also planted jelly beans and pennies, but alas, they never grew.  It was fun experimenting and thinking about eating those jelly beans and spending those pennies!