Thursday, April 23, 2015


T E Double N E Double S Double E (clap clap) Tennessee! (fist bump) 
That’s the Tennessee cheer I learned last week when I was in Murfreesboro. The teachers also taught me some other cool things. 

Magnetic Fun (Tonya Baijo & Jean Burnette)
Cut pieces of pipe cleaners and put them in an empty plastic bottle. Use magnets to drag the pieces around.
*Use a magnetic wand with cut up pieces of pipe cleaners. Draw a face on the wand and you’ll have a silly willy.

Silent Signals (Katie Adams)
Students can give a “silent signal” while the teacher is teaching. The teacher can signal back without stopping the lesson and shouting out.
Restroom – sign language “R”
Water – sign language “W”
Pencil Sharpener – sign language “P”

Getting to Know You (Brandy Marti)
Send parents “homework” on the first day of school. Ask them to write a letter telling you all about their child. Explain that this is the time to brag about their child and tell you what they what you to know about their child. (The parents think its great.)

Positive Postcards (Margaret Moore)
Give your class list to the last year’s teacher. Have them highlight their students and give one positive descriptive word. Send postcards to the students saying, “Mrs. ___ told me you are so artistic. I’m so excited you are in my class! You can be our class artist for the year.”

Family Facebook Page (Denise Gaither)
Set up a CLOSED Facebook page where parents can check out pictures of activities, newsletters, announcements, links to research, skills, and so forth.

Check out this video where Erica uses sign language to encourage her students to make a straight line.