Monday, April 13, 2015


Several weeks ago I shared an idea that Lorraine Clark gave me called “My Messy House.” I made the game for Kalina when she visited and she LOVED it! She wanted to play it over and over again, and I knew it would be a “winner” with other kids and other skills. 

Thanks to my friend Carolyn Kisloski, I’ve now mastered the “art” of attaching a pdf to my blog. Well, kiss my brain! Now it will be easier for you to take these activities and implement them in your classroom. 

Materials: cardstock or heavy paper, spring clothes pins, string

Directions: Cut clothes out of paper using the attached pattern. Write skills on the clothes and place them on the floor. Tie a string between two chairs to make your clothesline. Children choose a piece of clothing, identify the information, and then hang it up on the clothesline.

This game can be used with the whole class, a small group, or in a learning center. Here are a few skills you could reinforce:

Letters – Write letters on clothes and children can hang them up as they say the letter and make the sound.
*Write uppercase letters and lowercase letters on clothes and children can match them and hang them up.
*Hang letters in alphabetical order.

Numbers – Write numerals on clothes for children to hang up in order.Z
*Write math facts on some clothes and numerals on others for children to match and hang up.

Words – Children can hang up words they can read. Can they make a sentence with their word?
*Hang up words in order to make a sentence.
*Write antonyms or synonyms on words for children to match.

You’ll have a CLEAN HOUSE for sure with these games!
P.S.  If you've still got plastic eggs you don't know what to do with, here's an idea Ms. Setzer sent me.  She sends home an empty egg with each student along with a note asking them to find something to put in the egg and write three clues about it.  They share their clues at school the next day as classmates try to guess what it is.  
Hint!  Parents could write clues for younger children and older students could write their own clues.  Great reading, writing, speaking, and listening activity!!!