Wednesday, April 8, 2015


I'd like to interrupt my blogs on graphic organizers today with this special announcement that will make your week a little more fun....

Have you ever wished that you had a different name? Well, according to tomorrow, April 9th, is the day we can all change our names. And, wouldn’t your kids get a kick out of changing their first name for the day?

Tell them about it today so they’ll have time to make their decision. (They’ll probably sort through dozens of names before choosing one.) Start tomorrow morning by having each student tell their classmates their new name and explain why they chose it.

Sing this good morning song to the tune of “Good Night, Ladies” using their new name.
Hello, (new name).
Hello, (new name).
Hello, (new name).
We’re glad you’re in our room.

Let them make nametags, necklaces, bracelets, or crowns with their new name. Their new name could also be the catalyst for a story about an adventure they might have. 

And you should probably change your name tomorrow as well. How about Queen ___ or King ____?