Monday, April 6, 2015


Graphic organizers are super simple and super challenging for any grade level or any content area. These visual graphics can help children organize, brainstorm, and problem-solve. They also enable children to classify and visually “see” how things fit together. Think of them as putting a picture in the brain. And, they are perfect for differentiated instruction!

I found several good (free) websites where you can download graphic organizers and explore some of the skills they can reinforce:

Today, let’s take a look at TIC-TAC-TOE: THIS IS WHAT I KNOW!  (aka Lotus Diagram)

Phonics – put a letter in the middle and draw objects or write words that begin with that sound

Math – put a number in the middle and write different combinations that equal that amount

Tasks – children write the activities they need to do each day or during the week (They can color them in as they complete assignments.)

Affixes – write the prefix or suffix in the middle and then write words using the affix

Vocabulary or Spelling – children write words in each section and then the teacher calls out words for children to color in

Facts – write a science or social studies topic in the middle and then write facts about it in each frame

Directions – children listen and follow directions (For example: Put a smiley in the upper right hand corner. Draw a star in the middle section on the left. Write your middle name in the middle, and so forth.)

Word Bracelet
I was getting ready to throw away an empty tape dispenser when I remembered this idea. Write words (or letters or numbers or shapes) you are working on around the cardboard roll. Children who can read all the words get to wear the bracelet for the day. (Yea, dumb I know, but I bet your kiddles might like it!