Tuesday, July 7, 2015


These games were always a favorite with my students.
Jump the Creek
Materials: 2 jump ropes
Place the two ropes on the ground a few inches apart to make a “creek.”
Have the children line up single file and try to jump over the creek one at a time without stepping on a rope. After every child has jumped, move the ropes a little farther apart to make the creek wider. Continue moving the ropes farther apart and letting the children jump over them. When a player can no longer jump over the rope, they must stand to the side of the game and be cheerleaders. The object of the game is to see how far the children can jump.
*You can play a similar game by drawing lines in the sand or dirt.

Build the Castle
Materials: long jump rope
Choose two people to hold the rope. The other players form a straight line and take turns jumping over the rope. The rope begins on the ground, but after everyone has had a turn, it is raised a few inches. If a child’s foot touches the rope, he or she is out of the game. Continue raising the rope until there is just one child left who can jump the height.
*A similar game called “school” can be played. When the rope is on the ground it is called “kindergarten.” Each time the rope is raised, it is called “first grade,” “second grade,” and so on.

Materials: broomstick or similar long stick
Select two children to hold the broomstick at chest level. The rest of the children form a single line and take turns wiggling under the broomstick. If they touch it, they are out of the game. The game continues as the broomstick is lowered each time. When only one child is left, begin the game again.
*Play some lively music for the children to dance to as they limbo.

Cat and Mouse
Materials: none
The children form a circle and hold hands. One child stands in the center and is the “mouse.” Another child stands outside the circle and is the “cat.”
On a given signal, the “cat” must chase the “mouse.” They can enter or leave the circle only if the other players hold up their hands and form an arch. When the “cat” catches the “mouse,” let them choose classmates to take their places.
*Change the characters for different seasons. You could have the farmer chase the turkey, the witch chase the bat, etc.

Materials: noneChildren form a circle and one child is chose to be “it. “It” walks around the outside of the circle saying “duck” as he or she touches each player on the head. Players squat down as they are tapped. If “it” touches a child and says “goose,” that child must chase “it” around the circle before “it” can get back to “goose’s” place. If “it” is caught, he or she must sit in the center of the circle. “Goose” then becomes “it” and the game continues.
*Adapt this game to different holidays. For example you could do “bat-bat-witch” in October.

Howdy Partner

Materials: 2 beanbags
Have children form a circle. Two children are each given a beanbag to balance on their heads. On a given signal, they walk around the circle in opposite directions balancing their beanbags. (If they fall off, they must stop and pick them up before continuing.) When they pass each other, they must shake hands and say, “Howdy partner!” The object of the game is to see who can be the first person to return to their original spot. The first one gets to be “it” and choose the next two children to play.