Tuesday, July 28, 2015


If you’ve been to my workshops you might have made this treasure box with me. I know it’s hard to remember everything, so here’s a refresher course.
1.  Open the bag.
2.  Cut down on all four corners to the creased line. (If you ask children to do this make a small dot with a magic marker where they should stop cutting.)
3.  Fold in the two short sides to reinforce the bottom.
4.  Fold in the front section to reinforce the box.
5.  Fold the last section two times and insert it in the box to make a lid. 

Now you’ve got your treasure box, here are a few things you can do with it.

*I made this box at the end of each day the first month of school. I asked the children to recall all the “fun things” we did at school to “save” in our treasure box, and then I’d give the box to a different child each day.

*Use the box for homework activities. Ask students to bring in something that starts with a particular sound, something that is a sphere, a set of 4, a word they can read, a picture of something they are thankful for, and so on.

*Store flashcards in the box. Children can practice them if they finish their work early or they can take them home.

*Use the boxes to store little books that they make.

*If you have a class party the children can decorate the boxes for their party favors.

*Turn treasure boxes into popcorn boxes or use for other treats.

*After reading a pirate book let children make treasure maps and store them in their boxes. They could also make a list of items they would take in their trunk if they were a pirate going on a long cruise.

*Take the treasure boxes on a nature walk and ask children to collect one item from the ground. They can write about what they found or make up clues for classmates to guess what is in their box.

*Make centers out of the boxes. If you write numbers on the boxes the children can make appropriate sets. If you write letters on the boxes children can sort pictures or words beginning with that sound.

*Use the treasure box as a “home” for lost crayons.