Friday, July 3, 2015


Today I’ve got some tag games and relays to share with you. Toddlers through teens will enjoy these activities.

Materials: none
Designate a playing area. One child is “it.” “It” chases other children who must “freeze” when they are tagged. Players hug those who are “frozen” to “unfreeze” them.

*Stoop Tag – Children stoop down on the ground when they are tagged.
*Cartoon Tag – Children must name a cartoon show when they are tagged.
*Shadow Tag – Children must freeze when “it” steps on their shadow.
*Sticky Tag – Children must hold the part of their body that is tagged.

Materials: none
Divide the children into teams with five or six players on each. Have the players line up single file behind a line and run one at a time to a designated point and back. The first player tags the second player, who then runs the distance. The first team to have all players run is the winner.

*Ball Relays– Have the children pass a ball over their heads and
under their legs. The last person runs to the front of the line and
continues passing over and under. When the first person is in his or her original position, their team wins the game. Relays where children must dribble a ball, kick a ball, or throw a ball into a target can also be played.
*Animal Relays – Let the children walk like crabs (on backs with
hands and feet), bears (on all fours), birds (flapping arms), monkeys (scratching sides), or elephants (swinging arms like a trunk.)
*Quick Change – Prepare bags with a shirt, pants, and hat for each
team. The first player puts the clothes on, runs to a designated point, takes the clothes off, then runs and gives the clothes to the second person.
*Pig Relays - Move the ball with your nose.
*Movements- Have children hop, jump, skip, gallop, walk backwards,
or do other movements.
*Toesie Relay – Have the children take their shoes off, pick up a peanut
with their toes, carry it to a basket, and drop it in.
*Potato Relay – Ask the children to carry a potato in a large spoon
without dropping it.
*Balloon Relay- Have children run with a balloon to a chair, then sit
on the balloon and pop it.