Thursday, July 23, 2015


You know that advertisement called “Pure Michigan”? Lucky me to get to visit Detroit last week and experience their glorious summer weather and meet their amazing teachers! It was PURE Michigan joy! And, you’re going to love the ideas they shared!

Write the Playground
Tape sight words to trees, equipment, and all over the playground. Challenge children to find the words and then write them down.

Time Out Alternative (Carol Leake)
Instead of having a child sit for time out ask them to push the wall. “I think it’s falling down so push it hard!”

Storing Games (Carol Leake)
Use zip pencil pockets to store game pieces.
*Store these in a three ring binder by subject or color code.

Open House Scavenger Hunt (Danielle Nogle Hamtramck)
Make a scavenger hunt for children to do with their parents with items
like book boxes, calendar, writing folder, word wall, etc.
*You could also make a bingo sheet where they have to color in the squares as they find the items.

Get a list of age appropriate chores for children to do around the house
at Give the list to parents and encourage them to give their children jobs. Doing tasks around the house is the perfect
way to develop the executive function. 

I Can! (Janet Hillaker)
There are two things
Charming children do.
We smile instead of cry!
We never, never say, "I can't!”
We always say, "Ill try!”
We never, never say, “I can't!”
We always say, “I'll try!”


Alphabet Doughnuts (Jan Hillaker)
Cut out paper doughnuts and write letters on them. Place them on the floor and then sing or say this rhyme:
Down around the corner at the bakery shop
26 doughnuts with sprinkles on top.
Along came (child’s name) with a nickel one day.
She bought the (name a letter) and she took it away.

*Let a child chose a doughnut, hold it up, and then the class says the letter.
Hint!  Start with 5 or 6 doughnuts and then add more as children become more competent.

Math Pockets (Kelly Paquette)
Use pockets cut from old jeans for estimation activities.
How many blocks do you think will fit in the pocket?
Put a few blocks in and then ask how many more?
Vary by using different size objects and different pockets.
Discuss why one holds more/less,

Campaign Signs (Kelly Paquette)
Save old campaign signs after elections. Use binder clips to attach tag board with skills (words, letters, shapes, numbers, etc.) to the signs.
For example: Put shapes on the signs and place around the playground. Tell the students to run/skip/ walk to the circle.