Tuesday, July 21, 2015


My granddaughter attended a pre-k that was totally play based. It was perfect for her, but I realized it would be good if she knew a few sight words before she started kindergarten. When she visited in March I wrote ten words on construction paper clothes, tied a piece of string to a door, and let her hang them up with clothespins. She LOVED the game and quickly mastered those words. My daughter went home and made a set of 50+ words on index cards. It was overwhelming and boring and Kalina quickly lost interest.

You and I know nothing succeeds like success, but not everyone realizes the importance of starting simple with a few words that children can master. There’s a great website called sightwords.com where you can get free materials and activities for helping children learn sight words in a meaningful way. I'll light Margo Edwards tell you a little more about it...

Sight words are the words that occur most frequently in written English (such as and, will, can), and many of them don’t follow the “rules” of phonics (such as once and could). Children need to learn sight words to build their fluency and speed in reading. They need to be able to recognize these words “by sight,” rather than de-coding them letter by letter. When a child struggles to read the individual words in a sentence, she isn’t able to pay attention to what the sentence is about.

At SightWords.com we will show you a variety of teaching techniques to introduce new sight words to your child and review old words. One day’s instruction can include just 10 minutes of lesson time followed by 20 minutes of a sight words game. Our sight words games reinforce the lessons through repetition, but wrapped up in fun variations of classic card and board games.

Our website is packed with free and printable resources, designed to promote learning in both formal and informal settings. The site’s resources include:

· Five different Teaching Techniques, complete with scripts and “how to” videos, show you exactly how to teach sight words to your child. Broken down into simple and straightforward exercises, these lessons require no teaching experience, just a desire to help children learn.

· Flashcards are available in three different sizes. We have the full range of flashcards for both the Dolch sight words and Fry sight words lists. They are also customizable—you can type in your own word list, or combine a few custom words with one of the Dolch or Fry word lists.

· With a dozen different Games from Go Fish to Snakes & Ladders, you are bound to find several that your child will love. These games reinforce the sight words lessons, providing a fun way to get lots of practice seeing, hearing, and reading sight words. Like the flashcards, all our Games are fully customizable.

SightWords.com aims to be a one-stop shop of free sight words resources for educators and parents of young children. We have pulled from decades of teaching experience and the latest research on child literacy and present our content in a format that is easy to understand, access and use. SightWords.com is for educators who know how to teach sight words but need free and easy classroom materials as well as parents or caregivers with no formal training who simply want to enhance their child’s education.

Just print out the free materials at SightWords.com and start teaching your child today!

Margo Edwards is the Director of Content Development at SightWords.com, a website dedicated to providing free resources that promote child literacy. SightWords.com is proud to be sponsored by the Georgia Preschool Association.

Snakes and Ladders is one of our most popular sight word games.

                  Words Fly Swat is a great educational game for active young children.