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Tuesday, June 14, 2016


You know, I always wondered why someone would live in Fairbanks. Now I know!!! It's amazing and incredible and beautiful and majestic and natural - I think you've got it! Just think about 22 hours of sunlight a day and mountains and clear streams and green trees and the best part is the wonderful people. I was lucky enough to be invited to share two days last week and my heart is full of special memories. Want to see some of my pictures?             
Kim Ivie and Kim Pherson my two new BFF's in front of the pipeline.
We also went to the North Pole and had a chat with Santa.
Here's the Fabulous Fairbanks K Team making moose antlers!

Of course, I brought back some fantastic ideas for you!

Arctic Cheer (Mary Palmer) 
Hug yourself like you’re cold and say, “Brrrilliant!” 

Attention Grabber (Heidi Cambien) 
FREEZE (Children freeze!) 
(Quickly give directions.) 
Melt (Children follow directions.) 

Therapy Bands (Lesa Meath)
Buy a roll of therapy bands and cut them in half horizontally to make them kid size. Each student has her own band to stretch. Count as you stretch, rhyme as you stretch, spell words or stretch out sounds, etc. Safety first!

Gear Off Chant (Lesa Meath)
When you take gear off on field trips teach children this rhyme:
Put your mittens in your hat.
Put your hat in your sleeve,
And you’ll always be ready
When it’s time to leave. 

Getting Ready Song (Kim Ivie) 
(Tune: "Frere Jacques") 
Snow pants first, 
Snow pants first. 
Put your boots on. 
Put your boots on. 
Coat is next. 
Coat is next. 
Zip it up. 
Zip it up. 
Then your hat. 
Then your hat. 
Gloves are last. 
Gloves are last. 
Now you are all ready. 
Now you are all ready. 
To go play. 
To go play. 

Wish List for Parents (Kim Ivie) 
At the beginning of each year ask the parents to write down their wish for their child. Save these and put them in their memory books at the end of the year.  

Fish Finger Play 
Here's a visual to go with the fishy finger play from Sunday.

Hawaii (Ashley Yeats)
Create a "recovery spot" with a poster of Hawaii. When children need to self regulate they can visit Hawaii. "Feel free to join us as soon as you're ready. We'll miss you until you come  back."