Wednesday, June 22, 2016


I bet you can find a tip tor two you can keep up your sleeve when school starts.

Circle Time Song (Christine Bailey, Willard South El.)
Sing this song to the tune of “My Darlin’ Clementine” to help kids form a circle and get seated quietly.
Make a circle, make a circle,
Make a circle big and round.
Make a circle, make a circle,
Set your bottom on the ground!

Roll Call (Renee Nicolo)
When you call the roll teach children to answer in different languages. 

For example:  “Buenas dias.” “Guten morgen.” “Bonjour.” “Gua-cha.”  

Put Your Finger on a Wall (Sharon Howard)
(Tune: “If You’re Happy”)
Use this idea to keep students in line going down the hall.
Put your finger on a wall, on a wall.
Put your finger on a wall, on a wall.
You’re (number) feet tall
You’re big not small.
Put your finger on a wall, on a wall.

Hallway Chant (Nikkie Grabeel)
I had a little wiggle
Deep down inside of me.
I tried to make it stop
But it wouldn’t let me be.
So I pulled that wiggle out
And threw it like a ball
And now (teacher’s name) knows
I am ready for the hall!
*A secret student is picked from craft sticks and the line leader and caboose watch the secret student in the hall. If that student is well behaved the class gets a tally mark. If the 

tally marks beat the teacher on Friday the class earns extra center time.

Magic Door (Lisa Haines & Julie Wilson)
Once you go through the magic door (Point finger framing a door.)
You go like this (Shhh!)
Because we can’t talk anymore.
Zip it. (Zip lips.)
Lock it. (Pretend to lock lips.)
Put it in your pocket. (Put imaginary key in your pocket while wiggling hips.)

Buddy Time (Robin Davis)
Put matching pompoms in a can and let each child draw a pompom. They match pompoms to find their buddy.     

Vacuum Cleaners (Whitney Rhyne)
If you have a mess of paper on the floor allow the children to become vacuum cleaners. They crawl or slide around on the floor making noises and p
icking up the trash. They will love it!

Friendship Tools (Liz Watras)
Use sign language ( to teach children these words:
When they have a problem they can use the tools and signs to work through the conflict.

Waiting Crown (Nicole Edwards)
When working one-on-one or testing, wear a toy crown as a visual to show others in the 

class that they have to wait and can’t interrupt.

Top Priority
When introducing something important to your class put a sign on the door that says “Top Priority.”