Friday, June 17, 2016


Going back through my “old” blogs and looking for “new” ideas to share with you is like hunting for gold. Seriously, there are some “treasures” here. Gosh, if you’d keep a file with one or two of your favorite ideas every day you’d hit “pay dirt”!
Bubble Words (Alysia Pitts)
Use a bubble font to make sight words and place in a clear sheet protector. The children roll out play dough to make the word.

Question of the Day (Mary McCarroll)
First, do a drum roll by slapping hands on thighs.
Second, count backwards from 10, 9, 8…0
Third, ask a question. Put a T chart with “yes” and “no” on the board. Children can place name cards or write their name under their answer.

Word Bubble Map (Linda Jo Kincaid)
Use bubbles to help children blend sounds and read words. Make a bubble for each word family similar to the one shown. Write the answers on the back.
O U Did a Good Job!
This is a new cheer that you can do in any state.
Oh - Circle hands above head to make the letter O.
You – Put hands in air to make the letter U.
Did a good job! – Clap your hands on each word.
Oh – Circle hands above your head.
S – Turn sideways and curve one arm and one leg to make the letter S.
You – Put hands in the air to make the letter U.
Did – Fists in the air as if cheering.

Todally Awesome Cheer
Squat down like a frog and say, “Todally.”
Jump up with arms in the air and say, “Awesome!”

Golf Tee Writing
This is a great idea someone shared to develop small muscles and writing skills. Children spread play dough to make a pancake and then write on it with a golf tee.

Envelope Puppet (Martha Roher)
Here’s a great way to recycle an envelope into a puppet. Slit the top edge and take out the junk. Bend the top corners down as shown. Open and squeeze.
I think this would be great for Mother Goony Bird!

Upside Down Drawing (Lesley Falgiano)
Tape a piece of paper under each child’s chair. The children lay on their backs under the chair and color a picture. The children will be exhausted by the time they are finished and they will have used lots of different muscles in their bodies.

Push the Wall- Brain Break
To build upper body strength while the children are waiting in line for lunch, PE, or whatever, have them put their hands on the wall and try to push it away. It's almost as good as doing push ups!

Humpty Dumpty Puzzle (Amy Fielbrandt)
Give children ovals and ask them to decorate it like Humpty Dumpty.  Next, have them cut the ovals into 5-7 pieces.  Ask them to "put Humpty Dumpty back together again" by gluing the pieces on another sheet of paper. Display on a bulletin board with this rhyme:
Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall.
Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.
All the king’s horses and all the king’s men
Couldn’t put Humpty together again.
But the kindergarteners got out some glue
And put him together as good as new!

Letter Twister (Hollly Vaughan)
Write letters (numbers, words, etc.) on paper and place them on the floor. Call out different letters for children to touch with their hands or feet. For example, “Put your hand on the ‘A.’ Put your foot on the ‘X.’

Phone Fun (Janice Pires)
Recycle used/non-working cell phones with this game. Write high frequency words or fluency phrases on jumbo craft sticks and place them in the box the cell phone came in. Children hold the phone, reach in the box, and then say the word as if they are talking on the phone.
*Adapt for letters, numerals, math facts, etc.

Chalk Talk (Cari Barnes)
Draw names, shapes, numbers, or letters on sidewalks with chalk. Give children cups of water and paintbrushes so they can paint over the chalk lines. The water evaporates so children can do it over and over.