Friday, June 3, 2016


I love doughnuts, so I just had to take a moment to celebrate today.

National Doughnut Day is always celebrated the first Friday in June. It started as a way to honor The Salvation Army “lassies” of World War I who volunteered to serve the soldiers. They set up “huts” near the front lines so they could provide baked goods, writing supplies, help mend clothes, etc. Rumor has it that they actually fried doughnuts in army helmets over a fire. The women who did this work were called “Doughnut Dollies.”

Here’s a doughnut song you can sing any day:

Five Little Doughnuts (Tune: “Five Little Ducks”)
Down around the corner at the bakery shop
Five little doughnuts with sugar on top.
Along came child’s name with a penny one day.
He/she bought a doughnut and took it away.


Make 5 paper doughnuts from construction paper and sprinkle glitter on top. Pass these out to five children. Give five other children a penny and let them exchange pennies for doughnuts as their name is sung in the song.

*You can vary the number of doughnuts and the price.

Alphabet Doughnuts (Jan Hillaker)
Cut out paper doughnuts and write letters on them. Place them on the floor and then sing or say this rhyme:
Down around the corner at the bakery shop
26 doughnuts with sprinkles on top.
Along came (child’s name) with a nickel one day.
She bought the (name a letter) and she took it away.

*Let a child chose a doughnut, hold it up, and then the class says the letter.

Doughnut Words
Cut donut shapes out of construction paper. Write consonants on either side of the donut hole. Write vowels on small circles. Children place the donut “holes” between the consonants and blend the sounds.