Tuesday, July 5, 2016



Why? numeral recognition, letter recognition, phone numbers, math concepts

What? shower curtain liner, permanent marker, fly swatter

How? Cut the shower curtain liner in half lengthwise. Make a template (cardboard pattern) for the keys so they will all be the same.
Use the attached pattern to draw the cell phone.

Type out phone numbers with the fly swatter.

Type bus numbers or lunchroom numbers.

Throw a beanbag and identify the number.

Throw a beanbag and do that many jumping jacks.

Throw two beanbags and add up the numbers.

Play Twister by putting hands and feet on different numbers.

Add up the numbers for different sight words.

Let children make up their own games.

More! Children will also enjoy having their own cell phone. Run a copy of the cell phone off for each child on heavy paper. They can design their own cover and then use for numeral recognition, to type out answers to math problems, to count, and so forth.

Hint! Use a hole punch to make a viewfinder so they can take pictures with their phones. They can take pictures of shapes, words, letters, nouns, tools, friends, and so forth.