Friday, July 8, 2016


Listen, I realize that these are not professional videos. The first seven days that my eleven year old grandson did were better than what's coming up the rest of the month. I'm doing the best I can. Just pretend you are sitting in my office with me and we're having a casual conversation. LOL!

Tired of giving out candy and stickers? Here are some inexpensive rewards to use for special treats!
Happie Sticks
What? jumbo craft sticks, Sharpie markers, plastic cup

How? Choose activities that you think would work best for your students from the list below. Write these on jumbo craft sticks with a permanent Sharpie and then put the sticks in a cup. Pretend like children are “winning” something when they draw a stick from the can.
       Give a drum roll – beat on the table or pat thighs
       Give a Beethoven – pretend to hold a violin as you strum the opening of the 5th          
       Give a toot-a-roo – pretend to hold a trumpet as you “toot toot toot toot toot tooo"

Gift Cards

What? plastic gift cards or cardboard, markers, gift bag

How? Save plastic gift cards and hotel room keys and cover them with paper. (You can also cut cardboard into 2” x 3 ½” rectangles). Write non-tangible rewards on these and place them in a small gift bag. Let children choose a “gift card” for a reward.

Hint! Adapt the rewards to the age of your students. Young children would be thrilled to choose a song or story. Older children would be more motivated to sit at the teacher’s desk or decorate a bulletin board.

*You could also let your students suggest activities that they would like for rewards.

Choose a song and lead the class.

Eat lunch with your teacher or a special friend.

Be excused from a homework assignment.

Choose an indoor game to play.

Select the book for story time.

Sit by a favorite person all day.

15 minutes of free time.

Help the teacher do a special job.

Decorate the bulletin board or door.

Sit at the teacher’s desk.

Take off your shoes.

Listen to an IPod or headset while you work.

Take a class game or book home for the night.

Chew sugar free gum.

Be first in line for lunch

Use the teacher’s stamps, pens, or markers.

Choose a board game and play it with a friend.

Hand out supplies.

Be leader of a class game.

Be excused from a written assignment.

Play games on the computer for 10 minutes.

Visit another class in the school.

Work with a friend.

Be a helper in the office, lunchroom, or in another classroom.

Read a story to the principal or another class.

Have the teacher call your parents to tell them what a great kid you are!

Take a note to the principal about what a great kid you are.

Make something at the art center.

Have your work displayed in the hall or on the classroom door.

One special wish!

*A coupon book with a few of these makes a great holiday gift for students!