Sunday, July 3, 2016


We sure had fun making these videos.  They may not be "professional," but they are REAL!

Why? oral language, speaking and listening skills, motivation

What? cylinder block, index card, tape, marker

How? Write a capital “I” on the index card and tape it to the cylinder block to make your “I phone.” Explain that only the person holding the “I phone” can talk.

Begin your day by singing, “Tell me something good…”

Pass the phone to a child and ask them to tell you a sentence about something they are happy about or looking forward to doing that day. Children continue passing the phone around the group as each child says something starting with “I….”

Use the phone at the end of the day for students to recall something they learned or something they did that made them feel proud.

Use the phone for children to answer questions or retell a story.

Hint! Put a sticky dot on the back so the children can turn the volume up or down!