Sunday, July 10, 2016



Why? tracking left to right, details in illustrations, finger spacing

What? novelty pencils and pointers, cup

How? Collect seasonal and novelty pencils and keep them in a cup on your desk or at the reading table. Have children use these to read, find letters in their names, punctuation, nouns, verbs, vocabulary words, details in illustrations, and so forth.
Pretzel Sticks - Give children pretzel sticks to follow along as they read, and then they can eat them.

Bugles - Let children insert Bugles on their index finger to “track and eat.”

Wiggly Eye - Glue a wiggly eye to a craft stick and “keep your eye on the word.”

Fake Fingernail – Glue a fake fingernail to a craft stick. Children can point to words or use it to “finger” space.

Magic Wand - Let children take a chopstick and dip one end in glue and then roll in glitter.

Witch’s Nail – Purchase Halloween fingers to use as you read.

Sticker Pointers – Place stickers at the end of craft sticks. Adapt stickers to poems or stories that you read.
Drink Stirrers – Look for seasonal drink stirrers that children would enjoy using to read and track print.

Large Pointers - This pointer can be used for large group activities.  Cover a cardboard roller from a pants hanger with aluminum foil. Dip one end in glue and roll in glitter.  Taa daa!