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Wednesday, August 10, 2016


O.K. You know I try not to be an "infomercial" on my blog, but if you have any input when it comes to assessment, you need to check out ESGI. I first met Greg (former teacher and developer) about five years ago and I was my usual "stiff arm" skeptic. About two minutes into his presentation I thought, "This guy has got something here." Most teachers think all the testing they do is a waste of time because it really doesn't improve instruction. Well, this is a totally different approach. I'll let Jayne tell you more about it....

Hi, Friends! Jayne here from ESGI. Just last year I was using ESGI in my own classroom. I’m a 15-year teaching veteran and a preschool and Kindergarten teacher for many of those years. I used ESGI for my assessments during my last three years in Kindergarten. I believe so much in ESGI that I joined the team and the mission to “save the teachers!” You see, I saw first hand how using ESGI can not only save you hours on assessments, but also quickly GUIDE your instruction. As Dr. Jean, mentioned, this is different approach than the many paper-and-pencil checklists you’re probably using. Let me show you how easy it is to get started.

Get your 60-Day Free Trial
First you’ll want to visit ESGI and get started with a 60-day FREE TRIAL account. (Be sure to use promo code B8833 to save $40 off your first year’s subscription when you purchase.)

Assess Your Students
You can choose from hundreds of stock tests created by experienced teachers, or you can create your own tests. Simply invite a child over to a computer or iPad and ask the questions. The yes/no format makes one-on-one assessments with nonreaders super quick, easy and accurate.

Use Your Data
Want to see at a glance how a child or even your whole class is progressing toward mastery of a concept? Just look at the student pie charts.
Need to document assessments and show a child’s growth over time? Use the Test History to get a line graph.
Wondering which concepts you need to review or reteach? Just pull up the Bar Graphs analysis to see least and best known concepts. One click on the bar and you’ve got an instant list of who needs some small group time with you.
Ready to share this information with parents? Print out the Test Result Letters in English or Spanish to show parents exactly which items each child has learned and which items needs more practice.
You can even generate flash cards for each child based on your assessments. Send the cards home or use them for games or centers.

Assessing with the tests on ESGI and using the data to guide my instruction is wonderful, but saving 400 hours a year? Well that just makes me want to do the “Tooty Ta!” Right, Dr. Jean?

Thanks Jayne, for sharing those quick tips for getting started with ESGI. No more wasting time on assessments. That means there’s more time for the songs and games that make learning fun! Check out ESGI and start using it to improve your instruction.