Tuesday, August 2, 2016


What would I do without wonderful teachers like those I met in Albany last week? I can’t ever retire!! This is too much fun! Take a look at all the new ideas I learned.
Math Boxes (Sue Dier)
Create a special math box for each child that they can use if they finish their work early. Let them make up their own games as they explore with the materials.
You can use any container, such as a pencil box, bag, diaper wipe box, etc.
You can put any math manipulatives in the box such as:
Math cards (1-10 or 10-20)
Math fans (http://www.senteacher.org/print/mathematics/)
Deck of cards
Inexpensive calculators
Counting items with a small cup
Set of tangrams
Dot cards
Small Calendars
Number Path (Use an index card and cut a strip out so the kids can just see one number at a time. What’s one more, one less, etc.?)

Are You Ready for Some Learning? (Marilyn Borden)
Sing this song to the “Monday Night Football” tune.
Are you ready for some learning?
An academic party!
Get on the ___ railroad –
And be a ___ smartie!

Awesome Sauce (Marilyn Borden)
Get a pump dispenser of lotion and make a new label that says “Awesome Sauce.” When kids do something great give them a squirt!
Musical Art (Jessica Sciuto)
Put paper on tables and have each child pick one crayon. Put on some music for the children to walk around the classroom. When the music stops the children go to the nearest table and start drawing. Repeat as many times as you want. On the last time around the children sign their names and you end up with beautiful murals.

Whose Shoes Are These? (Jessica Sciuto)
Take pictures of the children’s whole bodies and a picture of their shoes. On the page with the shoes write “Whose shoes are these? I wonder!” On the next page put the whole body picture. The child writes her name and colors a picture. Put together to make a class book.

Tally Marks (Jessica Sciuto)
Have children get 5 sticks from the playground and use them to make tally marks.

Painting Body Parts (Monica Martins)
Give children a clean paint brush and let them paint their body parts as you sing:
If you’re happy and you know it, paint your nose…
If you’re happy and you know it paint your elbows…back…knees…etc.

Pictures Talk (Stephanie Geller)
Take lots of pictures of the children engaged in many different activities. Send them via Snapfish/Shutterfly to encourage parents to talk to the children about what they are doing and learning at school.

Transition/Waiting Sticks (Nancy Walsh)
Glue different directions (ex: opera voice, dribble on letters and shoot for words, flap your wings to spell words, etc.) on craft sticks. Pick a stick out of a can and practice spelling sight words with these movements.

Attention Grabber
Teacher says: Class, class
Students respond: Yes, yes
Children have to respond in the same voice that the teacher uses.
Example: fast, slow, opera, British, etc.

Star Wars Sight Words (Sara Howard)
Write sight words on “planets” and tape around the room.
“(Child’s name), you have a mission on planet IS.” Student goes and stands by that planet.

Who’s Sitting Next to You? (Julie Saunders)
___A___, ___A___,
How do you do?
Who is that sitting next to you?
___B___, ___B___,
How do you do?
Who is that sitting next to you?
(Continue going around the circle using each child’s name in the chant. End with the following.)
___A___, ___A___,
We’re back to you.
We went all around
And now we’re through.

Superhero Writing (Michele Wilson)
As a variation of tummy writing you can do Superhero Writing. Students lay on a milk crate with a cushion on top like a Superhero and write in the air as they fly. All kids are Superheroes!

Matchbox Car Patterns (Janis)
Dip cars in paint and trace letter road paths.
Use shaving cream on tables and practice writing numbers, letters, shapes, sight words, etc. with cars.

Name Chant (Aricka Ford)
Teacher says: Put your name at the top
Put your name at the top.
Put your name where?
Students: At the top!

My Name (Aricka Ford)
My name starts with A.
(Say name 7 times) as you boogie down.)
___ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____
(Kids repeat letter 7 times.)
Your name starts with ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___

Tying Shoes (Fran Mason)
Take old shoes with laces and color one of the laces with a marker. Children are visually able to see the steps with the different colors of laces.

Hands in Lap (Kristine Kelly)
My hands upon my head I place,
On my shoulders, on my face, and by my side;
Then above me they will fly.
Then I clap…1, 2, 3,
And sit in my lap quietly.

Ready to Listen (Marlana Scott)
Students make the hand motions and sing:
Shake them high.
Shake them low.
Shake them fast (fast, fast).
Shake them slow.
Give them a clap.
Place them in your lap.

Counting Chant
Ringo rango tingo tango
Let’s have some fun.
Ringo rango tingo tango
I can coung by ones.
1, 2, 3….

Ringo rango tingo tango
Hornets nests and beehives.
Ringo rango tingo tango
I can count by fives….

Ringo rango tingo tango
Chickens and hens.
Ringo rango tingo tango
I can count by tens….