Monday, August 8, 2016


Making their own “mini-office” will be a great project for your students when school starts. With a personal “office” your students will be able to organize their work space and stay focused. (This is a good example of nurturing the executive function.)

Materials: 2 file folders for each child, wide packaging tape, copy of class word wall, hundreds chart,markers, crayons, stickers, etc.

Directions Tape two file folders together for each child. Let them decorate the outside with markers, magazine pictures, trading cards, stickers, etc. Staple a copy of the word wall, correct letter formation, color words, or other pertinent information to the file folders. When children write in their journals or do independent work, they can stand up their “office” on their desk.

*Make an office for math with a hundreds chart, days of the week, months, math mat, etc. could be used.

*Use 2 pocket folders to make a mini-office. Children can insert papers they are working on in the left and work they have finished on the right.  You could also use one pocket for language arts and one for math.
*Adapt these offices to skills you are working on. For younger children, you can make an alphabet office.

Hint! Let students clean out each other’s desks with a partner every Friday.