Thursday, August 4, 2016


Names are very important to children. (Call them by the wrong name and they will let you know about it!) Here are some songs and chants you can use to help the children learn their classmates’ names as you nurture your “classroom family.”

Little Red Box

Cover a small box with red paper and place name cards inside. Pull one name at a time out of the red box and sing to them.
I wish I had a little red box
To put my child’s name in.
I’d take him/her out and go kiss, kiss, kiss, (smack in the air)
And put him back again.

…Continue singing each child’s name.

Important Person

Hold up one name card at a time as you sing this song to the tune of “Lassie and Laddie.”

Child’s name is important, important, important.
Child’s name is important to you and to me.
At work and at play
He/she does his/her best each day.
Child’s name is important to you and to me.


Cut 3” circles (cookies) out of poster board. Write each child’s
name on the “cookie.” Place the cookies in an empty cookie box or bag. Chose one name at a time and use it in the chant below:

Who ate the cookie in the cookie jar?
Child’s name ate the cookie in the cookie jar.
Who me? (First child responds.)
Yes you. (Class chants.)
Couldn’t be? (First child.)
Then who? (Class chants.)
Second child’s name ate the cookie
(Choose a second child’s name) in the cookie jar.

*Give each child a cookie to eat for snack. Take a picture of them eating their cookie, and then make a book with their pictures and the above chant.

Shakey, Shakey

Clap or snap to the beat as you chant:

Child’s name, child’s name, sick in bed.
Called the doctor and the doctor said.
Come on, child’s name, you’re not sick.
All you need is an exercise trick.
So stand up and shakey, shakey shakey. (Child stands
Get down and shakey, shakey, shakey, and makes
Turn around and shakey, shakey, shakey, silly motions.)
Sit down and shakey, shakey, shakey. (Child sits down.)

…Continue around the room chanting to each child.

Hickety Pickety Bumblebee
This chant is great for phonological awareness. Slap your thighs and clap hands to get a beat going.

Hickety pickety bumblebee,
Who can say their name for me?
First child’s name.
Clap it. (Clap out the syllables in the child’s name.)
Whisper it. (Whisper the syllables.)
No sound. (Mouth the syllables.)
Hickety pickety bumblebee,
Who can say their name for me?
Second child’s name…etc.

Willabee Wallabee
Here’s a good chant for rhyming. Substitute the first sound in each child’s name with a /w/.

Willabee wallabee Wohn.
An elephant sat on John.
Willabee wallabee Wue.
An elephant sat on Sue.

Hello, How Are You? 
Wave to friends as you sing this name song to the tune of “Skip to My Lou”:

Hello, child’s name, how are you? (Wave.)
Hello, child’s name, how are you?
Hello, child’s name, how are you?
We’re so glad to see you!

Cheer the Name
Cheer the child’s name. For example, “Give me a ‘W’. ‘W’ - I’ve got a ‘W,’ you’ve got a ‘W.’ Give me an ‘i’…

Clap, snap, wiggle hips or make other motions for the syllables in the child’s name.

Rhyme Game
Can children think of words that rhyme with the special friend’s name? They don’t have to be “real” words, as long as they rhyme.

Sounds Like
Make a list on the chart of other words that begin like the child’s name.  Write the words the children call out as you say the letters and print them on the chart. Read over the chart together sweeping your hand from left to right under each word. Call out words and have children put their “thumbs up” if the word begins like the mystery person’s sound. They put their “thumbs down” if the word does not begin with the sound.