Friday, August 5, 2016


Oh, happy day! Don’t you just LOVE the Olympics! (Especially after weeks of the political conventions!) It’s a time when everyone in our country can cheer on the same side.
How about some pompoms to cheer on the red, white and blue?

WHAT? paper lunch sacks, scissors, crayons or markers, rubber bands

HOW? Draw lines from the top of the lunch sack to the bottom flap about ½” apart. Let children decorate their bags, and then cut down on the lines. Place the flap face down on the table and roll. Wrap a rubber band around the bottom section to make a handle. (You can also use tape to secure the handle.) “Crinkle” the strips and shake like pompoms.



I found some other great ideas for celebrating the Olympics with kids on these websites:


You’ll find ideas for setting up a training camp in your classroom and integrating cooking, art, writing, math, and social studies.