Sunday, February 12, 2017


What a great day to celebrate RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS DAY! (February 17th is officially Random Acts of Kindness Day, but these activities are perfect any day!)
What does "random acts of kindness" mean? Brainstorm examples and then challenge each of your students to do at least 3 acts of kindness today. 

Kindness Club
Write "The Kindness Club" on the board or a poster and have students write the names of classmates who do something kind for them.

Give each child "kindness tickets" to distribute to friends who do something nice for them.  

*Thanks to Carolyn Kisloski for creating these tickets and poster for you.

Kindness Bracelet              
Make bracelets from pipe cleaners. When they do a good deed they can get a bead and add it to their bracelet.
Kindness Book
Make a "Kindness Book" where students can record something positive a classmate has done for them.

Here are some other suggestions from
1.  Smile at one extra person.
2.  Each lunch (or play) with someone new.
3.  Make sure to say "I love you" or give someone special a hug.
4.  Send a positive message or help someone.