Monday, February 13, 2017


Several weeks ago I wrote a blog about indoor games. Ginny McLay told me how she adapted 4 corners for different skills she was working on. It was such a great idea I asked her to tell you more about it.

This is a fun way to review skills. I place sticky notes and/or pieces of paper in 4 (or 5) corners in the room. I write the skills to be practiced on each paper.  (You can put the 5th corner in the middle of the room or in the middle of the wall.)
For example: short e pattern word endings (en, et, ed, and one corner is labeled "other")

The kids walk to a corner. I close my eyes and pick a word. We tap it out together and then we spell it out loud together. While they are spelling it I type the word on the computer and it shows up on the screen for all to see. If they are in that corner they must sit down. The game continues as the kids move to another corner and I pick another word.
This game can be adapted for other skills, such as short vowels, digraphs, etc.

For math put numerals in the corners and spell number words. For addition facts put the sums in the corner and say the addend.

They don’t even know they are learning!!! They want to play many rounds!!