Friday, February 24, 2017



I always had a rug in my classroom and it created an intimate feeling when we sat in a circle. I didn’t like assigning seats with messy tape because I wanted the children to sit by different friends. However, there were often two mischief makers that needed to be separated. Sitter spots was an easy “trick” to disperse students and manipulate where they sat.

Cut 7” or 8” circles out of fun foam or felt. Write children’s names on these or let them decorate with permanent markers. Before a story or other activity arrange the spots to create a positive group. Children find their spot and take a seat.

*Let children take turns arranging the spots.

Note! It’s interesting that they now sell these, but I had this idea in a book I wrote over 25 years ago. 

We didn't do too much sitting when I sang at Stiles Point this week. Talk about a 
great school and great teachers!!!! It's like being a grandmother teacher because 
go in and sing and get them all wound up and then I say, "Good-bye!"