Sunday, February 19, 2017


Here are two simple little ideas to start each day on a positive note. The first one came from a teacher in Ohio years ago. He said that he adapted this concept from a football coach.

Morning Mantra
     Teacher: What is my job today?
     Children: Your job is to teach us and to love us.
     Teacher: What is your job today?
     Children: Our job is to learn and to love each other.
During the day if children are behaving inappropriately you can remind them gently by saying, "What is your job today? Are you doing your job?"

This other idea came from my exercise teacher who says this to her two girls each morning. You will remember it from the movie THE HELP. Write these statements on a chart and read over together at morning meeting.

     I am smart. (Point to brain.)
     I am kind. (Hand on heart.)
     I am important. (Hug self.)


Lucky me to be honored at James B. Edwards Elementary Leadership Day last Friday!  The CD (Child Development in SC aka pre-K) decorated their doors with my songs and sang their little hearts out on stage.  My heart was so happy!!!