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Sunday, March 19, 2017


Join me tomorrow night for LIVE AT FIVE ON FACEBOOK and I'll sing this silly song for you about birdies.  I've also got some great crafts, finger plays, stories, and "spring" things.

Birdies (Happy Everything CD)
Way up in the sky (Put hands in arm pits and flap arms
The big birdies fly. like a bird.)
Way down in the nest (Make a nest by cupping hands.)
The little birds rest.
With a wing on the left, (Wiggle left arm like a wing.)
And a wing on the right, (Wiggle right arm like a wing.)
The little birds sleep (Put head down on palms as if sleeping.)
All through the night.
SHHHHHH! (Put finger over lips.)
Then up comes the sun. (Put arms over your head.)
The dew falls away. (Bring down palms.)
Good morning! Good morning! (Put open palms around your head.)
The little birds say.

Sing and Act 
Let children dramatize this song. Choose one child to be the mother or father bird. Let the other children be the baby birds.

Lunch Sack Nest 
Open a paper lunch sack and roll out and down until you reach the bottom and it looks like a nest. Children can roll play dough eggs for the nest, or they can make a paper bird for the nest or a little bird from two tissues.  (I'll demonstrate this on Monday.)

*Make the shape of a tree on a bulletin board. Staple the nests in the tree and then let children make birds out of construction paper to go in the nests.

*Staple on a pipe cleaner handle and you've got a little Easter basket.

You can get more "Birds" with this download that Carolyn Kisloski and I created.  It includes the song "Birdies," activities, lesson plans, writing prompts, crafts, and fun!