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Wednesday, March 15, 2017


Have your kids got a bad case of the “wiggle worms” this time of year? Here’s a simple song that will leave you giggling instead of wiggling!
My Aunt Came Back
(Tune: “How Dry I Am!”)
My aunt came back (children repeat each line)
From old Japan
And brought me back
A paper fan. (Hold up your right hand and wave it back and forth like a fan.
                         You will continue doing this through the rest of the song.)

My aunt came back
From Holland, too,
And brought me back
A wooden shoe. (Begin tapping your left foot as you fan.)

My aunt came back
From Algiers
And brought me back
A pair of shears. (Hold up left hand and open and close index and middle
                              fingers like a pair of scissors as you tap and fan.)

My aunt came back
From Belgium
And brought me back
Some bubblegum. (Start smacking your lips as if chewing gum as you make 

                           other movements.) 

My aunt came back
From Chile
And brought me back
An itchy flea. (Wiggle all over as you make above movements.)

My aunt came back
From the city zoo
And brought me back
Some nuts like you! (Point your finger at everyone!)

Wiggle Worm Game – Make flash cards more fun by adding a few joke cards that say “wiggle worms.” When that card comes up, children stand and wiggle, wiggle!

Wall Push Ups 

While children are waiting and standing in line in the hall get rid of wiggles by challenging  them to do push ups against the wall.

Ready for Writing Rap (Traci Wade) 

Get rid of wiggles and prompt children for writing with this chant:
     1, 2…sit up, please do. 

     3, 4…feet flat on the floor. 
5, 6…push your chair in quick. 
7, 8…lay your paper straight. 

     9,10…write neatly then.