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Tuesday, March 7, 2017


Last week I was lucky to share at the Texas Kindergarten Conference in Austin. Talk about enthusiastic teachers!!! I did a session on “Word Power” and the teachers shared some of their strategies with me. I LOVE to learn new things, and I think you’ll love learning and using some of these activities, too.


Sight Word Frogs
(Danielle Sanders)
Use frog cutouts (or other animals or seasonal shapes) and write sight words on them. Children chant:
     Like frog, like frog, what do you see?
     I see play frog looking at me.
     Play frog, play frog....

Sight Word Showdown (Martha Cahill)
Show students a sight word. They look at the word for 5 seconds. Turn the word face down and challenge the children to write it on their whiteboard. They "chin" their whiteboard so no one can see it. When the teacher says "show down" the children show their word.

Sight Word Memory (Kristin Hilsabeck)
Write the same sight word on two index cards. Write one with a capital letter and one with a lowercase letter. For example: "The" and "the." The kids play a memory game by placing the words face down on the floor. They turn over 2 cards at a time and read the words. If the words match they get to keep it and go again. At the end they count their pairs.
*As the year progresses make phrase cards with 3 or 4 words, such as "the red dog."
Sight Word Selfie! (Myca Lopez)
Children walk around the room and take selfies with sight words they can read.
*Have them do this at home using their parents camera. Parents send these to school and the class can read over them on the interactive white board.

Word Lanyard (Pamela Davis)
Write a sight word each day on an index card and clip it to your lanyard or nametag. Anytime the students want to talk to you or ask you a question they have to read the word first.
Note! This is a simple way to reduce tattling!

Ready, Read (Shannon Cunningham)
Teacher points to a word, such as "red."
The students read aloud "red."
Teacher says "Ready RED."
Children say, "R - E - D (make fun moves)
spells red!"

Magnetic Word Wall (Monica Ebbey)
As you introduce words put them alphabetically on the magnetic board. (Put a picture clue on the front and a strip of magnetic tape on the back.) Make sure the board is low so the children can reach it. Students can go to the word wall as a center and manipulate the words to create sentences. The more words you introduce, the more options the children have.

Index Card Puzzles (Amy Boone)
Fold the index card in half lengthwise and write the word at the top and at the bottom. Cut in half. Cut the bottom letters apart to make a puzzle. Children rebuild the word.
Sight Word Dismissal (Angie Giannini)
As children line up for the restroom or another activity show them a word. They have 3 chances to read the word, spell it, and then say it again.

Join me for LIVE AT FIVE this Thursday, March 9th, for out of sight "sight word" activities!