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Tuesday, March 14, 2017


I was looking through old photos and I found several pictures that are worth a “thousand words.”

Song Balloons (Kathleen Salazar) 

Cut paper balloons out of construction paper and write the names of songs on the balloons. Spread them out at circle time and let children take turns picking a “balloon” for the class to sing. 

*Write the names of songs on strips of paper and place them in plastic eggs. Children pick an egg and then open it to see what song they will sing. 

Fill a heavy-duty gallon zip bag with shaving cream. Cut a carrot out of orange fun foam and put it in the bag. Squeeze out the excess air and seal. Glue felt eyes and a mouth to the front of the bag as shown. Children squish the bag to make a snowman.

Hint! Notice the eggs taped to plastic spoons. The eggs have dried beans inside and make a perfect maraca.

Purchase vinyl stickies at the dollar store. Let children arrange them on pizza pans (also from the dollar store).
Where Is Square? 

Use the tune from “Where Is Thumbkin?” to reinforce colors, shapes, numerals, letters, etc. For example, children could each have a set of cards with the shapes (colors, words, letters, etc.) drawn on them. Store these in zip sandwich bags or lunch bags. Ask them to hold up the appropriate shape as you song:

Occupation in a Bag (Megan Pope) 

When studying community helpers, send home a paper bag with each student. Ask them to put in items that explain what their parents do. This is great for parents who are too busy to come in and speak about their job.