Friday, March 17, 2017


There are some children who just can’t keep their fingers still. You try finger plays, cheers, and all the tricks you can, but those fingers just keep on moving. Here are a few ideas that might be an outlet for those frisky fingers.

Brain Toys (pre-K and K)
Fill a shoebox or basket with stress balls, sponge balls, knotted socks, etc. Suggest children get a “brain toy” when they can’t keep their hands to themselves.

Fiddle Stick (primary grades)
Wrap a 20” piece of string around a jumbo craft sticks. Children keep these in their desk and get them out when their hands need to fiddle.

Fidget Cube
At my workshop in Atlanta a teacher showed me a new gadget that might be the miracle you are looking for. The fidget cube is a toy with different things that move, such as a toggle switch, clicking button, gears, etc. Apparently, they are helpful for adults and children with ADHD. I found several online and they vary in price from $1.00 on up.